IEP Goal Development Tools


We've developed this online resource to provide supports for developing IEP Goals that are aligned to student baseline data and grade level academic and behavior standards. 

We hope you are able to dive deep into the learning! Please let us know if you have any questions. We've included our contact information at the end of the webpage.

If you'd like a quick tutorial of the site, you can watch this short video. Welcome to IEP Goal Development planning!

The NKCES IEP Workgroup has created a NEW resource to support us in implementing successful Specially Designed Instruction (SDI) during NTI

Click here if you'd like to access a copy of the SDI resource we shared during the training!

KDE & KY Resources 

Click on the links below to access key resources:

2 - KDE Academic Standards for P-12 Learners - don't forget to check out the Standards Implementation Guides  and breaking down the standards resources for reading & writing and math 

3- KDE Standards for Preschool (from Kentucky Governor's Office of Early Childhood)

The IEP Workgroup have developed some sample goals to share!

In the links below, we've created some sample goals for you to review and consider. 

User notes: The sample goal ideas shared in this document are meant to be used as an “idea starter” that teachers can use to consider different ways to measure specific skills and/or behaviors. It is not designed to be a “cookie cutter” that teachers can copy and paste from IEP to IEP. 

Each student’s Individualized Education Program is based on their unique strengths and needs, and the samples included below can hopefully help you generate new ideas to best support your individual student.

You are welcome to share this document with others, and if you have some recommendations or additional goals you’d like to see added to this document, please send them to

Academic IEP Goal Samples

You can make a copy of each of these Google Docs:

Writing Goals Samples

Reading Goals Samples

Math Goals Samples

Behavior IEP Goal Samples

Preschool Sample IEP Goals

Preschool sample goals can be found in this document.

Thanks for learning & sharing with us today!

We'd love to continue the conversation! If you've developed a goal that you are willing to share with the group, please add them in this Google Form.

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