OPSE 301

OPSE 301 - Introduction to Optical Science and Engineering

Prerequisites: Phys 121. Laboratory and lecture introduces optics and photonics principles with their elementary applications for applied physics, engineering, computer science, or biology majors. Topics include speed at light, reflection, refraction, geometric optics, interference and interferometry, polarization, dispersion, birefringence, fiber-optics, diffraction, introduction to spectroscopy and ray tracing.

OPTIONAL MIDTERM and FINAL REVIEW Sessions: Posted on DUE DATES calendar

COURSE OUTLINE with Lecture notes

Equation Sheets, Old MIDTERMs, Old Final Exams and SOLUTIONS

PLEASE NOTE THAT THE COURSE CONTENT VARIES FROM YEAR TO YEAR. Consult the syllabus and assigned HW problems and labs to determine what will be covered on this year's exams

Laboratories for OPSE 301


Lab 2: Index of Refraction, Total Internal Reflection, and Critical Angle

Lab 3-PHY: Wave Plates and Polarization of Light

Lab 3-BME: Chirality and Polarization of Light

Lab 5: Absorption of Light by an Organic Dye

Lab 7: Detection of Light

Lab 11: Ray Tracing

Lab 12: Light Sources - Monochrometers and Light Sources

Lab 13: Michelson Interferometer

Lab 14: Fiber Optics/ Vibration Sensor