Helping NISD students, families, and teachers navigate the student experience on their NISD district device

The NISD Portal is a single sign on platform for NISD students, teachers, and employees. With the Portal, students can easily access all of their common programs in one convenient location. The Portal's contents are tailored to students and staff based on campus and grade level; it can be accessed on any device.

Logging In, Gradebook, Email Access

Logging into Google/Chromebook

Logging onto your Chromebook simultaneously signs you into Google and many other school-related sites which makes remembering passwords much simpler since there is only one.

You must enter your full email on the first Google Screen:

On the second screen "Northwest ISD Portal," enter your:

  • Username(first part of your email): firstname.lastname

Accessing and Sending EMAILS

Using email is vital for communication between students and teachers. Students in NISD use Gmail, which can be accessed several ways:

1. Click on the Gmail icon on the Chromebook taskbar.

2. Click on the 9 Square "waffle" at the top right of Google.

Since logging into your Chromebook also logs you into all Google Apps, you will will already be logged into your Gmail account.

Please note that there are two different formats for teacher email addresses. Find the correct email address on your teacher's Moodle page or within the Staff Directory.

Students Accessing GRADES via Home Access Center

Grades, Report Cards, and Attendance are all managed within a program called Home Access Center. It is important that you check your grades on a constant basis to best stay on top of your classwork and performance. From the NISD Portal (, select the "Home Access Center" icon.

Families Accessing Student Grades via Home Access Center

At NISD, Parents and Students have access to grades online through the Home Access Center. (Grades, Individual Assignments, IPR, Report Cards, Test Scores, Attendance, Class Schedules) You have to option to receive email updates and access all of your student's information with a single log on.

Log in Information: Log in Information: All parents of new students received this information during enrollment in an email. If you are unable to log in, please call the campus during school hours to retrieve that information.

Accessing Coursework


Moodle is NISD's learning management system which is required for all classes grades 6-12; each teacher will have their own Moodle page that your teacher will provide you with information for how to enroll in their course.

Note: Moodle pages are open for Guest Access, so parents and students who have not yet been enrolled can view course materials. Enrollment is important for students so that you are able to submit coursework and take online assessments via Moodle.

Navigating NISD Moodle for Parents 2019

Google Classroom

In addition to Moodle, some teachers will also use Google Classroom as on optional supplement. Here is how to access Google Classroom, enroll in courses, and other general navigation tips.

Google Apps & Google Drive for School Use

Chromebooks utilize Google Chrome and the GSuite of Apps which include Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Slides, and many more common apps you'll be using on a daily basis. Since you have a Google For Education Account, you have unlimited storage in your Google Drive for endless productively and collaborative options. Logging into your Chromebook automatically logs you into your Google Drive.

View this video to get an overview of organizing and utilizing your Google Drive, as well as the two methods available for sharing files which will become a common practice as you submit schoolwork.

Practice Your Skills

Chromebook Simulator

Get step by step instructions for all things CHROMEBOOKS, using the Chromebook Simulator:

Chromebook Launch Document

Are you a teacher looking for quick guide to launch Chromebooks in your classroom? Or are you a student looking to get a quick start to your Chromebook? Check out the Chromebook Launch document.

Additional Helpful Tips

Bookmarking websites for quick access

To help you save important websites like those shown here (email, grades, Moodle) and get to them quicker, save desired websites to your Bookmarks Bar in Google. Follow these instructions to set up your bookmarks bar.

Chromebook How-Tos

New to Chromebooks? Check out these quick, hands-on tutorials to learn important keyboard shortcuts such as those used for taking screenshots and tips for using the touchpad.