The Body unlocked: how research is changing lives

A photography exhibition showcasing ground-breaking NHS medical research in Thames Valley.

No medical test or treatment exists without the research that led to its discovery.

From the development of penicillin to the link between smoking and lung cancer, research in the last century transformed how people are diagnosed and treated. Today, millions of us live healthier and longer lives thanks to research.

These improvements would not be possible without the involvement of ordinary people in a wide range of research studies, from testing new drugs and procedures to filling out questionnaires about life with their condition.

This exhibition showcases 11, life-sized images of the people and science that make research happen at NHS, public health and social care services in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Milton Keynes and Oxfordshire. Each includes accompanying text about the story behind the image.

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This exhibition is presently at The Curve library, Slough, Berkshire

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