Computer Science

Welcome to the Computer Science departmental website for the National Institute of Construction Technology


Founded in 2018, the department of Computer Science runs under the School of Applied Science. The department of Computer Science is committed to engaging students in innovative, creative and exciting learning possibilities towards being career-focused, solution providers and world class researchers in computing technologies and it's applications.

News and Events


Inclusion of new courses

The department has proposed the inclusion of a number of new courses relevant to the growing trends of computer science in the nation and in the world as a whole. The courses are:

  1. CSC 127: Introduction to Computer Network (2 UNIT)
  2. CSC 128: Computer Ethics (1 UNIT)
  3. CSC 217: Introduction to Information Communication Technology for Development (ICT4D) (2 UNIT)
  4. CSC 218: Android Development (3 UNIT)
  5. CSC 219: Introduction to Python and JavaScript (2 UNIT)


Departmental Orientation

Departmental orientation is scheduled to hold Tuesday 4 December 2018.