About Us

The founder of the company -Mr. Ashok S. Kolekar, is a qualified metallurgist and a respected figure among the

trading circle of the metal market . Many of our current competitors in India were initially trained under his leadership.

Over the years,

the business flourished under great leadership, effective management, and a dedicated team.

Before 1980, the company had captured more than 50% share of Super Alloy Scrap trade in

India. Although many competitors have now successfully emerged in the recycling businesses on the

strength of finance; we have always been on the top and one of the most reputed, due to our

technical expertise and years of experience in the market.

Over the past 50 years, we have acquired know-how and expertise to efficiently utilize any and every

type of metal waste, grindings, sludge, or scrap arising. At present, in India, we are one of the few

well-organized companies in our field, working under the standards required for international

trading. Our clientele is present in India and across Europe & the USA.