Health & Wellness Resources

Supporting Virtual Learning

We hope that you find these resources help with addressing your health and well-being during these complex times. This website will be updated with more resources periodically, so check back to see if there is new content that can support your needs. If you have a specific need please feel free to email me directly at or

Health and Wellness Tips

I created these "self care" tips because they have helped me in my own healing. I believe that anything you put energy into that invests in your own well-being is considered self care. This will look very different for everyone so take what resonates with your heart.

I have listed them in a specific order with a new concept twice per week. This is because the tips build on previous skills slowly over time. Of course, you can revisit and mix them up if you are already familiar with some of the techniques or feel drawn to others. Explore and see what works best for you.

Please note that these tips can be modified for students of all ages (from elem to high school). Feel free to reach out if you want help with this!

Week 1B-Getting Here and Now : a tip to develop presence in your life

Week 2A-Achieving Awareness: tools to maintain a calm mind and body

Week 2B-Planing Seeds : a visualization technique

Week 3A-Self Forgiveness: journal reflection and healing mantras

Week 3B-Ho'oponopono: my favorite technique to cultivate forgiving others

Week 4A-Progressive Muscle Relaxation: a sensory body technique

Week 4B-Breathing into the Present Moment: how to use our breath and music to calm our bodies down

Week 5A-Alternating Nostril Breathing Technique: a more complex way to utilize breath to find peace within our bodies

Week 5B-Reflecting and Remembrance: how your story and archetypes can help us heal ourselves

Week 6B-Animal Guidance: journal prompt building on animal archetypes

Week 7A-Life Force of Water: using water as the healing element in a visualization meditation

Week 7B-The Heart of A Child: to heal ourselves fully we must know our inner child

Connecting with Students and Families

While academics are always our priority as educators, it is important that we take time when connecting with students and families during this time by acknowledging any hardships, provide encouragement and include esteem building activities and discussions in our interactions.

Crisis Response

It is important to know how to respond to a crisis during this time as well.

Addressing Suicidal or Homicidal Statements

In the event that a student makes suicidal or homicidal statements during a video lecture:

  1. Ask to speak the student's guardian

  2. Call 911 if you are unable to speak with the student's guardian immediately

  3. Notify your site administrator/principal


Addressing Concerns About Child Abuse

In the event that a you suspect signs of child abuse:

  1. Call the Alameda County Child Abuse Hotline, 510-259-1800, as you usually would

  2. Notify your site administrator/principal

Fill out Alameda County Suspected Child Abuse Report and submit within 24 hours

Media Resources

If you have any questions or concerns, or would like specific support contact Emily Tran, District Social Worker at or