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Self Care Resources - NH Learns Remotely

  • Get Calm: Tune into the Daily Calm Live Stream: Breathing Space.

  • Explore Your Interests: Check out a TED Talk.

  • Catch Us on Replay: Keep reading for scheduled restreams of a few of our virtual sessions. (They're all available on Facebook and/or YouTube whenever you want to view them!)

  • Hit the Road: Explore local hiking and walking paths.

Deb Dyer's adaptation of Dan Dister's 'Remote Learning Best Practices for Privacy and Security' Infographic. YouTube of his full presentation

While we understand that some teachers may prefer to use Zoom, we are standardizing on one tool which is part of our Gsuite for Education core suite.

Google has developed Teach from Home, a temporary hub of information and tools to help teachers during this crisis with resources to enable remote instruction, student engagement, collaboration with peers, and more.