"None of us is as smart as all of us." - Ken Blanchard

The NH Learns Alliance (formerly NH Learns Remotely Alliance) resource, while an immediate response to providing necessary support to our coalition constituents during the COVID-19 crisis, is intended to live beyond the crisis to continue to provide vetted resources for the NH education community. The Alliance includes leadership from NHSAA, NHSLMA, NHASP, NHSTE, NHCTO, NHASCD, and VLACS and is intended to support the efforts of the New Hampshire educational community.

Call for Webinar Presenters

Are you willing and able to share an hour of your time to help fellow educators and colleagues as we transition to remote learning over the coming weeks?

The NH Learns Alliance includes leadership from NHSAA, NHASP, NHSTE, NHCTO, NHASCD, and VLACS. This team continues to identify immediate priorities for providing webinars on critical topics. The webinars offered this week focus on video conferencing platform basics for administrators.

We seek to add additional webinars to support the professional learning needs of New Hampshire educators as they transition to remote learning. This survey is designed to collect information from those of you willing to share your expertise on a wide variety of remote learning topics.

The NH Learns Alliance team will review the submissions for webinar topics, prioritize them, and then get back presenters. This is a "teachers helping to support teachers" effort. You will hear back from us within a day or two. We have no idea what the response will be to this survey. We believe there is a need and we seek to address this need as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We are looking for specific topics that can be covered in an hour or less. Please complete the survey at the link below if you are willing and able to conduct a webinar for your peers over the next three weeks.


nh-heroes.org using 3Dprinters

A concerned makers in New Hampshire who are using 3D printers to create personal protective equipment and other components for our healthcare professionals who need them.

General information about remote learning instruction

Answering your questions about remote learning

Information about Emergency Order #7 : Temporary modification of data and privacy governance plans

NH DOE has opened CAST’s online platform, Learning Designed, to support all New Hampshire educators!

Check the currently approved Apps for NH

Northshore Learns Tech Community Update

This video provides a comprehensive look at how the Northshore School District developed and will implement their Northshore Learns virtual environment