Canvas Family Observer Accounts

Family Canvas Observer Accounts 2020-2021

Supporting Your Child

How can I support my child?

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1. Foster routines and organization strategies at home

2. Be involved with school work. Sign up with the Canvas Family Observer Account.

3. Discuss character and digital citizenship

4. Educate yourself about emerging technology

Suggested Routines and Expectations for Home

  • Have a clear, designated spot in the kitchen, office, or living room for your child's device to charge.

    • Have your child plug it in immediately when they get home from school or practice.

    • After completing homework, have your child plug the device back in and keep it there overnight.

  • Keep the device in a central family location and not in the child's bedroom.

  • Establish expectations and parameters for the use of the device.

  • Increase your child's independence as they demonstrate increased responsibility.

  • Have your child routinely check for all materials (especially their device) before leaving for school.

Digital Citizenship and Internet Safety



New Hope-Solebury School District Programs is very happy to offer you the convenience of online registration through FamilyID. Once you submit a registration, all your information will be saved to re-use for future programs and activities. You can review your registration history and update your registration data at any time.

All New Hope-Solebury School District beginning of year forms will be completed ONLINE this year. In addition, you may see field trips, exam registrations, and student activities processed through FamilyID.

Through this system, PayPal is an option (with service fee).

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