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HSC ePortfolio School Wide Work Day

Wednesday, October 28 2020


Checklist by Grade - to complete by SLCs

ePortfolio Tech Skills How To Video Library

Create your ePortfolio on New Google sites information here.

ePortfolio Pages

Student ePortfolio exemplars:

Nicole's ePortfolio

Alanna's ePortfolio

Oneil's ePortfolio

Emani's ePortfolio

Airiqa's ePortfolio

Hallie's ePortfolio

Ayao's ePortfolio

Savion's ePortfolio

HSC ePortfolio Requirements by Grade


Home Page: Complete and type your Personal Statement. Upload to your Home Page. Upload a picture of yourself that is a good representation of you as a student.

HSC Cross Curricular Graduation Competencies Page: Decide which projects, performance tasks or performances you have completed that represent your best work. You should represent each course in your ePortfolio. You will share these artifacts on your HSC Cross Curricular Page. Upload an electronic copy of your projects, performance tasks or performances (artifacts). Upload a completed scoring rubric with each of your artifacts. Teacher created rubrics are best. Make sure you are representing a balanced mix of the NHPS Cross Curricular Competencies Scoring Criteria and HSC CRAIGS in the artifacts you choose for your E Portfolio. Any documents and pictures uploaded on your ePortfolio must have the following permissions: Anyone with the link can view.

Goal Setting, Conferences and Reflections Page:

Grade 9 ePortfolio Reflection Questions

Grade 11 ePortfolio Reflection Questions

College and Career Readiness Page:

Grades 10 -11

Beyond HSC School Based Experience Form

Beyond HSC Community Based Experience Form

Grades 9 -12

HSC College and Career Readiness Tracking Chart

Beyond HSC Experience Descriptions and Examples

Use Transferable Skills List as a guide.

Leadership Page: This also might be called your Student voice, Choice and Responsibilty Page. On this page you will add additional pages to your HSC ePortfolio that show who you are as a student, social action agent or artist.

Grade 11 ePortfolio Defense Scoring Rubric

Grade 9 ePortfolio Defense Scoring Rubric

HSC ePortfolio Requirements by Grade 2020