Myrtle Grove AIG Program

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MGMS's Gifted Specialist is Mrs. Reagan Mauk

email: phone: 910-350-2100

Off to Middle School - For Gifted Kids

AIG Nominations

Students can be nominated for the AIG program at any time at any level by parents, friends, staff, or the student himself.

**The nomination window for identification within the 2020-21 school year is currently closed!**

The NHCS nomination process is uniform across the county. The same data collection tools and Match Team selection processes are used in all schools. If you are interested in nominating your student, please download the Nomination Packet below and return it to Reagan Mauk. Families may simply hand it in to the main office and Ms. Card will make sure it gets to me.

Nomination Timeline

Suspended Until Further Notice due to Covid-19

  • Aug-Sept. - review of data collected in Spring 2019

  • Sept. - Match Team training and decisions re: transfer students and Spring '19 nominations

  • TBA - Fall testing window

  • Fall - new nominations, gather data

  • Jan - all nomination documents completed and submitted; nomination cutoff for Spring testing

  • TBA - work sample workshops

  • February - Match Team meets for Initial Review Decisions

  • TBA - Spring testing & scoring

  • March-April - Match Team Final Decision meetings

  • TBA - Spring ID notices

  • TBA - end of year - spring nominations