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Striving to Achieve Excellence

Do you have an interest in going to four-year college? Would you benefit from a class that provides support in the form of tutoring twice a week, time management skills, organization and goal setting? Would you like to visit college campuses and have help applying to college and for scholarships? The Hoggard STAE program may be for you!

STAE, Striving to Achieve Excellence, aims to serve students with the potential and motivation to attend college. Students are typically under-represented on college campuses. Most students are from low-income backgrounds and will be the first generation in their family to attend college.

The STAE class provides students with academic support, social support, career support, college support, and leadership development. Students take honors and AP courses, engage in collaborative support groups, participate in enrichment and motivational activities, visit colleges in North Carolina, and attend forums with guest speakers from the community.

The class and related activities are designed to encourage success in a rigorous high school curriculum, to make participants realize college education is possible, to educate them on college options, majors and careers, and to prepare and equip them for the college admissions process.

STAE classes are electives combined with a core course. Classes are limited to no more than 25 students. 2 days each week, professional tutors work with students on challenging courses. Students must maintain the required grades and meet conduct expectations to be eligible for the STAE program.

Interested students should apply in spring. Interviews are conducted in late spring and selected students are notified by mail.

Click to access an application - turn in to the school office or submit via email to catherine.coleman@nhcs.net


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Hoggard STAE - Fall 2017

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