North Fayette Valley Board Policies

The policies on this web page were developed by the North Fayette Valley Interim Board in anticipation of the July 1, 2018 opening of the new North Fayette Valley Community School District. We developed these by copying, combining, editing and rescinding policies from the previous North Fayette and Valley school districts. These policies are now in effect for NFV, disregard any policies from the previous years. You will find 90% of these policies or more as exactly like the previous boards, however there are a few new or edited items.

We strive to make our policies user friendly for everyone. That means easy to find, not too many clicks or dozens of pages of scrolling. Each page listed above contains a table of contents for the series it represents. The policies are hyper-linked in the table of contents by chapters so that if you are looking for the Harassment/bullying complaint form, it is an exhibit in the policy #104 (Click on the document for Code No. 104) and simply scroll down to find your form at Policy 104.E1, . Each page also has hyperlinks to the table of contents in the series so that you may search from policy to policy without scrolling back and forth.

We'd like to hear your feedback, are these easy to use? What would help make them more user friendly? Policies are, by nature braod and typically somewhat vague. The student handbooks and embedded regulations and exhibits will provide more details. If all else fails give us a call and we can find an answer for you.