Welcome to Kindergarten!

What is going on in Kindergarten?

Welcome Kindergarten Families to a new week of school! Here is what is going on in Kindergarten! Have a wonderful week everyone!

The Kindergarten Team

Literacy & Domain: This week, we are continuing our unit on The Five Senses.

Lesson 4: The Sense of Smell

Lesson 5: The Sense of Taste

Lesson 6: The Sense of Touch

Pausing Point and Review

Literacy Skills: Syllable blending, Blending syllables and sounds, Adding sounds, Oral blending, Hearing initial sounds, Teacher modeling, Meet the spelling worksheet,Tracking practice, picture card blending, beginning/end recognition, finding things by beginning sound, Drawing hooks on vertical surface, Hook practice, & Unit 2 Assessment

Math: 1. Objective: Count 5-7 linking cubes in linear configurations. Match with numeral 7. Count on fingers from 1-7, and connect to 5-group images.

2. Objective: Compare counts of 8 in linear and array configurations. Match with numeral 8.

3. Objective: Organize and count 9 varied geometric objects in linear and array (3 sets of 3) configurations. Match with numeral 9. 4. Objective:

4. Objective: Strategize to count objects in circular and scattered configurations printed on paper.

Write numeral 9. Represent a path through the scatter count with a pencil. Number each


5. Count 10 objects in linear and array configurations (2 groups of 5). Match with numeral 10.

Write numeral 10.

Spirit Week fun

- Monday: Black and White - black and white from head to toe

- Tuesday: Sports Day - fave team or dress like and athlete

- Wednesday: Spirit Day - purple and orange (Halk Walk shirts distributed in the AM)

- Thursday: Decades - dress up from a decade gone by

- Friday: Wacky Tacky Day - Mismatched, crazy socks/hair


Specials Schedule

Mrs. Greco

Mon: Art/PE


Wed: Spanish/Art

Thurs: Library/Tech

Fri: Music/


*All 1/2 Day students have Library from 11:00-11:30 on Friday

Mrs. Willett

Mon: Music/


Tues: Art\PE


Thurs: Spanish/Art

Fri: Library/Tech

*All 1/2 Day students have Library from 11:00-11:30 on Friday

Mrs. Rice

Mon: Library/Tech

Tues: Music/


Wed: Art/PE

Thurs: ELO/ESS

Fri: Spanish/Art

*All 1/2 Day students have Library from 11:00-11:30 on Friday

Miss Bauknecht

Mon: Spanish/Art

Tues: Library/Tech

Wed: Music/Spanish

Thurs: Art/PE


*All 1/2 Day students have Library from 11:00-11:30 on Friday

Ms. Hargadine


Tues: Spanish/Art

Wed: Library/Tech

Thurs: Music/Spanish

Fri: Art/PE

*All 1/2 Day students have Library from 11:00-11:30 on Friday

Scholastic Book Orders


Mrs. Greco's Code: GW7CX

Mrs. Willett's Code: NFJPF

Mrs. Rice's Code: VZKVM

Ms. Hargadine's Code: VZKVV

Ms. Bauknecht's Code: VZKVQ

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions! We will do our best to return calls and emails by the next business day.

Tona Greco

tgreco@newvisioncharterschool.org 970-593-6827 ext. 2102

Heather Willett

hwillett@newvisioncharterschool.org 970-593-6827 ext. 2101

Savannah Bauknecht

sbauknecht@newvisioncharterschool.org 970-593-6827 ext. 2104

Ella Rice

erice@newvisioncharterschool.org 970-593-6827 ext. 2105

Jessica Hargadine

jhargadine@newvisioncharterschool.org 970-593-6827 ext.2103

School Closure Information

As colder temperatures and winter approaches, we ask parents to take a minute to once again review New Vision's school closure policy and procedure.

The two (2) entities who have the authority to initiate school closure for New Vision Charter School (NVCS) are the Thompson School District (TSD) office and the NVCS Administration.

School Closure by TSD

In the event that the TSD initiates school closure for all schools in the district, New Vision will also be closed.

Notice of an emergency school closing (whether prior to school starting time or during school hours) is communicated by TSD officials to radio stations, to Denver television stations and posted on the Thompson School District website (www.thompsonschools.org) Channel 14 and the School Closure Line

(970) 613-6788

School Closure by New Vision Charter School

The NVCS Administration has the authority to close New Vision Charter School (even if TSD remains open) if closure is deemed necessary regarding the safety and welfare of the students.

Parents will be notified via text, email, and social media if school closure is initiated for New Vision.


  • We know how special birthdays are to you and your child. Optional celebrations consist of a book donated to our classroom.
  • Our school is a Healthy Initiative school. We do not do food as rewards or for birthdays. Our classroom can not accept food treats.
  • Please do not send invitations to the school to be passed out unless one is given to every child. This will prevent any hurt feelings nor can we give out personal information about students.

Attendance, Drop-off, & Pick-up

In the event of an absence, please call the attendance line at 970-593-6827.

Tardiness-Students must check in at the office and bring a slip to class. With such a limited amount of time each day, it is imperative that your child be on time. When your child is late, he/she misses out on a great deal of learning that occurs with the daily meeting.

PLEASE do your best to be on time each day.

  • Remember that school begins promptly at 7:50. Instruction begins immediately when we get into the building. It is extremely important that your child arrive on time so they don’t miss out on their education. For safety reasons, please adhere to the following pick up and drop off procedures.

Pick Up/Drop Off Procedures

  • Drop Off-Kindergarten students will be entering the school on the west side of the building. Kindergarten students will line up in front of the west doors. Teachers will be outside to pick-up students at 7:45. Be aware that children will not be supervised until 7:30 each morning. Please do not drop students off too early because they will have to wait outside with no one to watch them. Please pull forward as far as you can for drop off so that all families can unload students.
  • Please remember that parents are not allowed to enter through the West doors. They must check in at the front office if they need to speak with the teacher or have other business in the school.
  • The west doors will be closed & locked at 7:50. Students arriving after 7:50 must enter through the front entrance and get a pass to class. Thank you for understanding our need to maintain a safe and secure school environment.
  • Inclement Weather Conditions- Students go the gym and will line-up at 7:45 where a grade level teacher will pick them up. Please pull forward as far as you can for drop off so that all families can unload students.
  • Pick Up- Driveline is in place for the safety of all of our students and to keep the parking lot moving in a timely manner. Please refer to the information provided by the front office regarding the procedures.
  • School is dismissed at 11:00 for half day students and 3:20pm for full day students. Please pick up your students in a timely manner after school.

*11:30 release on Fridays for 1/2 day students.

  • Please inform the teacher & front office ahead of time of any and all transportation changes. Your child will not be released to anyone other than who you have designated to do so with the front office. Your child's safety is of utmost importance to us.