Project Adventure


Adventure Education is a program that challenges people to go beyond their perceived boundaries to work with others to solve problems and experience success. The Adventure Education concept is characterized by an atmosphere that is fun, supportive, and challenging. Non-competitive games, group problem solving, initiatives, and ropes course challenge events are the main activities to help students reach their goals. This program is unique because it uses challenges and ropes course activities as “catalysts” for personal and educational growth.

For more information please contact Jeremy O'Connell at NHS:


NHS has a Project Adventure unit in 9th grade PE classes and has a Project Adventure elective course.

Newtown school groups or community organizations can also request to have a Project Adventure program.

To request a school or community workshop, please click on the following link and complete the workshop request form:



1. To experience alternative forms of activity that will lead to increased personal confidence and enhanced mutual group support.

2. To increase opportunities for social and emotional development by providing experiences that promote communication and cooperation.

3. To provide students opportunities to take healthy risks and choose the level of their challenges.