Classroom Updates

What a wonderful second full week of school!

This week we began earning colored dots on our classroom's Kindness Rainbow! We've earned about 6 dots already for various acts of kindness: helping a friend, using kind words, sharing materials, working together. The class is excited to get to the end of the purple arc in our rainbow and earn a class prize! Today (9/20) we read "The Big Umbrella" by Amy June Bates. This book talks about inclusion in a very simplistic way, using an umbrella that expands to welcome all people. We talked about how our classroom is a type of umbrella where all are welcome and treated with kindness and care.

We also explored more about our 5 senses. This week we focused on the sense of smell. During Science Swap with the Bumblebee room we read a book explaining the sense of smell and completed a smelly art project. Students were able to choose which scent they wanted their flowers to be. We discussed which smells we liked the best and which ones were less pleasing. We learned that our nose sends messages to our brain to tell us which smells we like and which ones we don't! We also talked about skin tone with our speech-therapist, Kristin, on Tuesday and Thursday. Each student in our class is working on a book that will come home in a month of so about similarities and differences. This week we talked about melanin and how no one is really white like a sheet of paper is white. We are all various shades of brown and depending on how "busy" the melanin in your body is, your skin tone is either lighter or darker. Students also helped to measure each other to see how tall we are and then compared the similarities and differences in height. Each student brought home a piece of paper with a string attached that we used to measure height. We had our second week of Physical Education with Angela. The three stations focused on ball skills (bowling), coordination (hula hoops), and balance/locomotion (obstacle course).

Please check out the "students in action" tab to see some pictures of the activities I've listed above! In the coming weeks we will continue our unit "All About Us/5 Senses" as well as begin to talk about fall things beginning with a unit on "Apples." Have a wonderful weekend!