Staff Technology Resources

How to Guides

A searchable list of how to guides by Product / Topic. These are individual support articles, videos or web links. Visit this page if you want to know how to do a specific task or use a specific product. (For example, if you want to know how to send an email from Aspen.)

Best Practices

This page is focused on instructional practices / topics involving Technology. The pages are meant to be asynchronous learning explorations with recorded webinars, video links, and technology tools organized by Instructional Practice (For example: Building a Digital Classroom Culture, or Best Practices for Making Instructional Videos.)

District-Wide Technology Tools Listing

The document below represents the hardware and software promoted, supported, and/or purchased district-wide by the Newton Public Schools for the 2023-2024 academic year. There may be additional software purchased by individual department/subject areas, or schools. 

All software used starting in September 2022 must comply with Student Data Privacy Requirements / best practices. To check if a technology tool you wish to use complies, please check out the Database of Approved Tools on the NPS Website.

What to expect from Technology in 2023-2024