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Hello Duzine students and families!

Welcome to my reading website!

This site will be a resource for you for tools, apps, links and more to support you during this time of distance learning.

Learning from home is brand new to all of us... let's learn together!

New: Check out the For Students tab to find new videos and a Seesaw activity Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Tuesdays and Thursdays, hop on Lalilo or Lexia, and either Raz-Kids or Epic books!

I am posting instructional videos for how to access and log in to each resource - it is at the tab at the top of the page, or with this link:

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Overview of activities

You will find all the links again on the programs tab on my page - this will be much more child friendly. This list offers the links as well as a brief overview of the program. Ideally, your child will be able to complete 20-30 minutes of reading daily - that would consist of a word work activity and independent reading. Please know that your family's health, emotional well being, and accessibility comes first! Classroom teachers are putting together some amazing things for your child to do. These resources are for my reading students, as well as any student who may want additional activities or support. They are meant to be optional and helpful. Please do not stress about completing these activities. I am always available for any student and family, regardless if they are on my caseload! Please reach out to me if you have any questions, concerns, or needs. I will be in touch with my reading caseload families and any families who reach out during the time we are out of school.

Suggested Reading Schedule:

Mondays, Wednesday, Friday - I will post a word work video, book video to read together, and follow up activity in both printable and Seesaw formats. (For Students tab)

Tuesday and Thursday - 10-15 minutes of Lalilo or Lexia, and 10-15 minutes of Raz Kids or Epic books.

Please note: you may also choose to do 10-15 minutes of Lalilo or Lexia, and 10-15 minutes of Raz Kids or Epic books daily in place of the videos, the printable resources, or your own at home reading interventions. All of the resources provided are optional resources that you can use as it best works for you and your family!

Phonics/word work programs (website and app versions available) - suggested time is max. 10-15 minutes a day.
Lexia and lalilo

Lalilo is available to all of my reading students, Lexia is for students who had an account already before school closed. If your child has a lexia account they do not need to do both! Both programs are great and they are both very similar! Please help your child to log on for the first time, and get the hang of it. Once they are set up, this is a guided program that he or she will be able to do independently! If you choose to do these at home I will be able to follow along with your child's progress and help with any further areas of difficulty!

Click on the picture to bring you to lalilo. Each of my students has access through my account - or their classroom teacher if they have chosen to use it. Either account is fine, but sign up with your classroom teacher first if they have one - I can get the information from them! I will email you the access information.

This app starts with a placement assessment. Then the program determines what phonetic skills need to be worked on. It covers vowel and consonant sounds, sight words, reading comprehension and more! This is a great resource to use for 10-15 minutes a day

Click on the picture to bring you to Lexia. For students who already use a school purchased program called Lexia - here is the link to the home access. (Your child will know if they have the program, I will email those parents with the login info for your child). You will need to enter my email address -

Lexia is very similar to lalilo - feel free to use either program - you do not need to use both!

Independent Reading websites (also in app versions) - suggested time is max. 10 minutes a day.
Raz Kids and Epic Books

Each classroom teacher has an account for your child on Raz Kids already set up. If you do not know your child's login information, please contact either your child's teacher - or email me - and one of us will get it to you!

Epic books is another great leveled reading website. One thing that's really cool about this site is that it has some classroom favorites from teacher read alouds as well! The website is free

Click on the picture to bring you to Raz Kids. Raz kids is filled with leveled books at your child's individual level. If you feel your child needs a higher level, please reach out to me or your child's classroom teacher and they will be able to bump up your level.

Click on the picture to bring you to epic books. Epic books is filled with independent leveled books for you child, read aloud books, and audio books! I have created accounts for your child, but you may use the classroom teacher's account if they have one as well. I can also assign books for your child and track their reading!

Additional Resources

The Duzine Reading Department Website - (site and link under construction)
- on our school reading website you will find more apps and programs that focus on literacy skills
- use these how and when you want to - there are lot of educational games and activities your child can play independently!

Seesaw - this is an app or website that I am learning about - this allows me to post videos, interactive activities and more! The great thing about this site is that I can give audio and/or video directions for your child - so once they log on they can complete these activities completely independently! I have an account for this site and some classroom teachers do too! I will send login information for this resource as well!

Videos - My goal is to add videos of activities, books, and more to continue to enrich your child. I also want to continue the classroom feel as much as I can by sharing videos of me teaching.

Printables - I will be uploading printable resources for you to use at home. Nothing crazy! I'll be adding printable letters, writing grid paper, handwriting support, words lists, and printable phonics activities, and some printable books in case your child is unable to use the computer or has limited share time with the family!

Interactive magnetic letters website!