Duzine library

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Office hours: Monday-Friday 9:00 to 10am

Enjoy the day rain or shine!

*Take out those rain boots! Jump and splash in puddles!

*I Spy SPRING! Use the guide below!

Great work on knowing exactly what I am growing in my garden......the pictures were zucchini and onions! I also have green beans, potatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes, egg plant, and peppers!

Thank you all for taking the quiz! You were right! The baby birds grew up to be Blackbirds!


Practice using a shelf marker and remember the shelf marker song. (sung to the tune of the Hokey Pokey)

You put the shelf marker in, you take the book right out. You thumb through the pages to see what it's about. You do the booky-looky to see if it's just right, that's how you choose a book.