NPHS Class Cup

2022 Class Cup Rankings


-Cabaret - 2/3/24 @ 8:30pm

-Winter Pep Rally

-Recylcing Drive

What is the Class Cup?

The NPHS Class Cup is an inter-class competition to determine which grade level is the most giving, spirited and enthusiastic.

Earning Points

Throughout the year, students can earn points for their grade level through participating in various events, fundraisers, and challenges. Rankings for each challenge result in the following points:

1st - 40 points 2nd - 30 points 3rd - 20 points 4th - 10 points

What does the winning class earn?

The winning class earns three things:

1. Bragging Rights

2. The Class Cup Trophy

3. A class trip during the school day in the spring

How do students qualify for the trip?

To qualify for a spot on the Class Cup trip, students from the winning class must have a clear attendance and discipline record during the school year.


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