Somebody cursed Abuelita.

But who? And why?

Why are the authorities too frightened to investigate?

When her family doubts that a curse made Abuelita sick and removed her memories, Lucinda enlists the help of the most unlikely ally, the son of the gang boss Abuelita killed.

With some mystical help from her new friend, Lucinda opens a gateway to Abuelita’s memories so she can take them back and find a cure. She discovers that in a pictograph cave in Baja California, Abuelita became a witch…

…and made a very powerful, very patient enemy.

Lucinda and her friends must relive all the memories before Abuelita’s terrible secret is revealed — and the world comes to an end.

Living Memories chronicles the life of a true pioneer in her own words. 

With self-deprecating humor and panache, Nellie Gail Moulton writes, “I want to leave something of my innermost self, and to particularly remember the true Pioneer Spirit that distinguished your ancestors and how each helped bring about, step by strange, miraculous, fantastic, preposterous step, the position our family holds today.” 

She tells of crossing Kansas in a covered wagon and being stopped by bandits; of becoming an accountant, school teacher and principal, and giving it up for love; of studying en plein air painting with the California masters; of managing a 22,000-acre cattle ranch, and of founding the Laguna Art Museum, Laguna Playhouse, and Laguna College of Art and Design. 

“For there is one thing I believe will never fade into oblivion – beauty in literature, painting, music, the drama…”

Only recently discovered in the family archives, Living Memories is illustrated by dozens of never-before-seen photos from the Moulton family and Moulton Museum.

Scott T. Barnes is the Writers of the Future Award-winning author of the forthcoming Memories of Lucinda Eco and short fiction such as “Insect Sculptor,” “The Mark of Blackfriar Street,” and “The Last Job.” His fantasy and science fiction has been praised as lyrical and original by publications such as Publisher’s Weekly. His passions range from kenjutsu to flamenco guitar to the Old West. He lives in California with his wife and two daughters who inspire him more than they know.





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