New London Drama Department

Schoolhouse Rock Live!

New London Drama Department is proud to announce its production of "Schoolhouse Rock Live" for the 2023-2024 school year! Visit this site often as we will be adding updates and schedules throughout the summer.



This production 

Monday, November 13 - 3 PM to 4 PM - Grades 2-12 Dance Auditions

Tuesday, November 14- 3 PM to 4 PM - Grades 2-5 Auditions

Wednesday, November 15 - 3 PM to 4 PM - Grades 6-12 Voice & Lines Audition

Thursday, November 16 - 3 PM to 4 PM - CALL BACKS 

Friday, November 17 - Results will be posted to this website!!!


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March 15 & 16 (Dinner Theatre will be available on March 15)

Absence Notification for Cast Members

Report Here:

(Please report even if you are absent from school. It will mainstream our process.)

Character List


A young teacher who has just received his degree. He has a good heart and is excited about the future, but still unsure and nervous.


Tom's romantic side. Typically sweet and caring.


Tom's goofy side. Endearing, cute, and very playful.


Tom's sweet side. An earnest and sweet ingenue who plays guitar.


Tom's cool side. Very slick and laid back, but also fun loving.


Tom's mature side. She is thoughtful, grounded, and the voice of reason.

Soundtrack: YouTube