Walter B. Howard Library

You can find me in this google meet room if you need help with any distance learning problems or if you want to just talk to someone. I will stay close to my email throughout the day as well and I am willing and able to assist with technology problems that need solving. Happy learning today! Check out the links for you grade below for some new content.

Please make sure you are reading the instructions and following all of the links on the class pages below. Students should be visiting their class page at least once a week for new content and lessons.

Distance Learning Students: Please note that weekly updates to the library and computer class objectives above will happen sometime between Monday and Wednesday every week. Thank you for your patience. Please accept the invitation to the Google Classroom for Library/Computer Class. Computer Class is a 20-30 minute slot which you can do all at once or spread out over the course of the week. In fact, if you are trying to improve your typing research shows 5-10 minutes multiple times a week is much better than one large chunk once a week.

Classes that I would normally seen on Wednesdays please complete the computer lesson that you see every Wednesday in your grade linked above.