Newkirk Technology Help

This is a page for help technology. This page is for students and parents to help make education technology use easier. If you or your child has any issues with any school technology please do not hesitate to contact me for help. If you would prefer a text, call, or video conference email me first so I can contact you or send contact info.

The intent is for this web page to be continuously updated and added too. If you have suggestions for documents or videos you would like to see, contact me and I will add them.

Please remember that technology changes. And at Newkirk we use a lot of Google products, that tend to change rapidly. If the resources here are not accurate to what you are currently looking at, just look for the same feature elsewhere. If you can't find what you need contact me.

How to get technology help

If you need help with anything on your computer, you will need to put in a ticket:

Tech Support Request

It is very important to understand that we will not be fix any computer that doesn't have a ticket submitted. Do not ask a student or teacher for technical support unless you have a ticket submitted. We do this because it allows us to track what we have done to a computer so we know what needs to be done next. It also allows us to look back on past fixes to see if could be a cause of a current issue. And finally, it allows for accountability to make sure the work gets done.

You can also check the knowledge-bases or google for answers to your technology troubles. This should generally be your first step. This way if the problem happens again, you will know how to fix it yourself.

The ticketing system is intended for help with technical problems with the hardware or software of your chromebook not working properly. But sometimes the problem may be a lack of knowing how to do something you need to do. In this case, start by checking this page for resources to teach you how to do things. If that doesn't work try the teacher for the class you are working with. If they cannot help you ask other students. If they cannot help you, try googling it. And finally, if you have tried all else, you may contact Mrs. Payne and she will try to help you.