Mr. Wright Computer Class (8th Grade to 12th Grade)

Grading Policy

This class will be graded on a point system. Assessments, lessons, and activities will be given a point value and percentage score.

Challenges: 30%

Homework: 30%

Lesson: 15%

Participation: 10%

Quiz: 15%

Students will be learning HTML, CSS and other Computer Technology related subjects through an online resource called "Khan Academy." The homework assignments will mostly be done in class and will teach students how to apply what they've learned to real world situations. Students will also be quizzed on the material that is taught during class in order to evaluate what they have and what they haven't managed to understand. Students will also be taught other various topics such as C++ programming, 3D printing, advanced Microsoft Word functions, graphic design, video editing, and more.The skills learned in this class will not only help students understand fundamental concepts for common computer technology fields, but it will also help them to get ahead in the field of technology and succeed in the ever growing field of technology that has done so much in defining our current generation.

Computer Lab Rules

  • No eating or drinking during class
  • No shouting or disrespectful behavior
  • No music or talking while I’m teaching
  • No surfing the web for fun during class
  • No walking around or leaving the classroom without permission
  • Raise your hand to ask a question

Please send me an email if you have any New Hope Technology Questions.

Jathan Wright: