IoT meets AI

International Summer School in

Munich, Germany

The international summer school on the IoT meets AI gathers lecturers from academia and industry to teach on Internet of Things (IoT) research, discuss current challenges and mutually develop new ideas. Lectures will be on topics such as IoT device integration, adaptation and interoperability, semantic technologies, automated orchestration, data analytics and machine learning.

The target audience of this winter school are students, developers, researchers, and practitioners who are interested in acquiring knowledge and experience on IoT and its related fields. In order to be capable of taking part in the hands-on sessions and contributing to the team projects, basic proficiency in a programming language (e.g., Java, JavaScript, Go, Python, or C), basic experience with an IDE (e.g., Eclipse), and code-sharing tools (e.g., GIT) are required. Please note that you need to bring your own laptop computer.

The participants will be challenged to engage and apply the learned methods and technologies in team projects. In fun and intensive hands-on sessions, where the participants get together in small groups (2-3 people), compelling solutions will be built to solve an overarching challenge defined in the beginning of the winter school. The lecturers will support the students in developing their solutions.

The educational objectives of this winter school are to get an overview of IoT technologies and applications and to gain detailed knowledge on specific IoT topics. You will learn how to implement a real-world IoT application that integrates multiple devices using middleware technology. Finally, you will analyze the data gathered from these devices to gain deeper insights. In the end you will be able to understand and implement development strategies to create your own IoT solutions.

All participants are given a chance to present their current IoT-related work as part of a poster session on the first day. Particularly, researchers and Ph.D./M.Sc. students are encouraged to present their latest work here. The winter school will be a great opportunity to receive feedback from your peers.

After registration, please send an email containing the title and abstract of your poster to the organizers.

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