Decentralized Orchestration and Management of Distributed Heterogeneous Things

dominos2019 | April 12, 2019 | Washington, D.C., USA

Our Agenda for April 12, 2019

Keynote 1 - Deep Medhi (UMKC)

Changing Lightbulbs: Distributed Orchestration and Management in the Wild

Keynote 2 - The edge of something or why distributed systems matter more than ever

The pendulum has always swung between centralized and decentralized infrastructures and Intelligent Edge (IE) represents the swing towards decentralization. IE is at the center of confluence of many emergent technological trends such as hardware-rooted trust and code integrity, 5G, data privacy and sovereignty, block chains and distributed ledgers, ubiquitous sensors and drones, autonomous systems, real time and stream processing , etc..

It has reached the technological maturity tipping point of enabling many smart-* scenarios like smart-homes, smart-factories, smart-buildings, smart-cities, smart-grids, smart-cars, smart-highways, etc. These smart-* deployments run highly-available applications that make decisions based on local data using models trained in the cloud. These smart-* deployments coupled with digital transformation of critical country infrastructure such as dams, bridges, highways, grids, hospitals, defense, etc. will demand an IE runtime that is self-sufficient, highly-available, and capable of disconnected operation.

In this talk we will look behind the scenes of a new intelligent runtime that aims to support autonomous cloud and edge systems that are either air-gapped, can get disconnected or are latency-sensitive. Additionally, we will discuss how developers can accomplish intelligent cloud to intelligent edge continuum through consistent application and programming models.

Boris Scholl (Microsoft)

Boris Scholl is a Product Architect with the Azure Compute team focusing on the next generation of distributed systems platforms and application models. He has been working on Azure Developer tools and platforms in various product engineering roles since late 2011. Boris re-joined the Azure Compute team in 2018 after having spent the 18 months outside Microsoft leading an engineering team to work on a microservices platform based on Kubernetes and Service Meshes.

His work on distributed systems platforms has resulted in several patents about cloud computing and distributed systems. Boris is a frequent speaker at industry events, a contributor to many blogs, instructor for distributed computing topics and the lead author of one of the first books about microservices and Docker on Azure (Microservices with Docker on Azure).

Paper Presentations

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DOMINOS 2019 Workshop | April 12, 2019 | Hilton DoubleTree Hotel - Crystal City | Washington, D.C., USA