Instructor Information


  • ONLINE/BLENDED COURSES - If you are running a course with an online component for which participants will get credit, you must provide access to the online portion of the course to the Model Schools team at NERIC for review at least 2 weeks before the class start date.
  • IN-PERSON CLASS PREP – Work with your district facilitator to be sure that your room is prepared and the software/hardware you need is installed and working. Out-of-district participants need a guest login and access to all tools including guest access to any paid sites.
  • CANCELLING YOUR CLASS - If you see you have 6 or more registrations, your class will run. If you have less than 6 about one week before the class start date, the course may be canceled. Expect an email from the Model Schools Coordinator.
  • PARTICIPANTS - Send an email to participants ahead of time through My Learning Plan alerting them to anything they need to know. Send building instructions if necessary. Put up signs to help people find the room.
  • SIGNING IN - Everyone must sign in on the sheet printed from My Learning Plan. Use a new sign-in sheet for each day of the class. Original sign-ins must be returned to NERIC in order for your participants to receive course credit. Please mail your sign-in sheet to address below within one week of the course ending.

Hilary Dee, Model Schools Program, NERIC, 900 Watervliet Shaker Road, Suite 102, Albany, NY, 12205

  • EVALUATIONS - Participants must complete an online course evaluation in My Learning Plan. End the last class 15 minutes early so evaluations can be completed that day. You can also have participants complete these from home at a later time, but let them know that they must do this in order to receive their certificate.
  • CERTIFICATES - Let participants know that once you send in the sign-in sheet, their attendance is confirmed by Model Schools and they will receive an email instructing them to download or print their certificate from My Learning Plan. Please make participants aware that attendance verification is not automatic and can take up to two weeks after the class ends.
  • INVOICES - In order to be paid, you must complete the online invoice, which can be found on this website.


You must complete a paperwork packet once to be a Model Schools Instructor. You you will need new tax forms every 6 months after that. Originals must be completed and the Model Schools Coordinator will make an appointment with you to see your original ID for the I-9 form. Please make copies as well for your file.

In order for an instructor to be paid through Model Schools ($43/hr class time only, no prep), they must not be paid for the same hours through their school district. Most courses are held after school when teachers are "off the clock" or during the day over the summer. Please be sure you are not already being paid by your district for conducting the class - Model Schools would only be able to pay you if it is your only compensation. Do not forget to complete your invoice after your class is finished!

Instructor Invoice: