Conference Travel Reimbursement

through Title II, Part A

Who Is Eligible for travel reimbursement?

Under NEFEC's current agreement with the Florida Department of Education, non-profit private school leaders are eligible to request reimbursement for conference travel through NEFEC. This includes principals, assistant principals, and any individuals fitting the ESSA definition of leader.

What conferences are approved for travel reimbursement?

Per FLDOE, "All conferences shall be secular, neutral, and nonideological, in accordance with section 8501(a)(2). Any conferences attended by private school leaders using Title II, Part A funds shall be used to address the specific needs of the school’s students (student achievement) and/or teachers (teacher effectiveness), and not the needs of the school itself."

Click here for a current list of approved conferences.

How do I request travel reimbursement?

To request travel reimbursement for travel to an approved conference, please complete this form.

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For additional information regarding FLDOE's travel policies, please click here to view the Travel Policy Document.

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