Data Visualizations

What questions are you trying to answer? How do we "show" the answers in meaningful, comprehensible, and actionable ways?

Data visualizations bring numerical or textual information together in ways to help educators, students, and caregivers. We provide a variety of data visualizations based on the type of information (secure or publicly available), who will be using the information, and other special requirements.

Public Visualizations

Publicly available visualizations

computer with a data dashboard

Secure Visualizations

Require secure access for individual-level views

computer with a data dashboard and shield

Dynamic Reports

Collection of pre-defined reports

image of a clipboard with lines representing text (black and white)

Public Visualizations - Tableau

The data profiles have up to 4 years of student achievement trend data for all NEFEC member district schools and grade levels. Users can interact and filter data based on specific questions and needs.

This will allow for realistic goal setting using historical school and district grades data. These visualizations also include trend data for all of the categories of school grades.

The content focus analysis compile various annual reports related to assessment anatomy and benchmark values across all test forms for the Biology EOC, 5th and 8th Grade Science Assessments, Civics EOC, and the US History EOC.

Secure Visualizations - Power BI

Data for these visualization are accessed via the FLCODE implementation of the Ed-Fi operational data store. The modern data infrastructure provides our collaborative with standardized, secure, and near real-time access to both student and staff records. You may access your reports and visualizations at the link below.

Secure Visualizations - K12 Lift

Provides authorized users with a tool to find districts, schools, teachers, and teacher teams that are performing well across the state. The visualizations focus on what is working and open the conversation about how others can learn from their efforts.

Dynamic Reports - Crystal Reports

NEFEC creates and maintains a library of custom Crystal Reports for participating districts. For a comprehensive list of available reports, please visit the link below.

To run these reports, your district must have them enabled and you must have the appropriate authorization.