The Hour of Code is a global initiative to introduce students to Computer Science and coding. The Eliot School is participating in this innovative event. Every student will have an opportunity to try coding through age appropriate activities. Learn more about the Hour of Code here.

_K Hour of Code

Kindergarten students will explore the Bee Bot robots. They will create code using blocks and then test out their programs on floor mats.

1 Hour of Code

First Graders will explore block coding while solving puzzles on such apps as Kodable, Candy Quest, and Dancing with Friend.

2-3 Hour of Code

The second and third grade students will

4-5 Hour of Code

Fourth and Fifth Graders will hone their developing coding skills with apps such as Dance Party, MineCraft, and Algo bot.

Visit the Hour of Code website for inspiration,

tons of tutorials, and coding activities.

Keep on Coding!