For your convenience, signups are handled completely online. Please see Registering section below.

No classes will be offered in January. However, additional classes will be available for summer 2022.

March class is full. April Signups coming soon!

Class will be held Feb 28-Mar 16, 2022 at 5:45am.

February class: Jan 31-Feb 16 (Feb 17 Makeup Day) 5:45am-7:30am Class is full.

The Driver's Ed. department requires that students obtain 20+ practice hours driving with a parent/guardian before signing up for a class.

Students cannot miss Driver's Ed class or their range times. Please schedule your class accordingly.

- Students must have a current Learners permit before signing up for a Drivers Ed. Class

- Students must be available the first 3 weeks of the month they sign up for in order to complete all phases of Drivers Education.

SHS Drivers Ed. Dept. will be following strict state, national and CVC guidelines for safety on the current Covid-19 pandemic. Social distancing will be enforced every way possible during all phases of Drivers Ed. Please make sure your student has a current learners permit and face mask each day. Please let us know if students have flu systems or are under quarantine or have been exposed to CV-19.

Please review the COVID guidelines tab above.

You may now obtain a Learner's Permit by scheduling an appt. with the DLD. Springville location: 801-965-4437 DLD Website

FYI: Any students who have completed all phases of Driver's Education may now visit the DLD to receive a license. Please call to make an appointment.

How Do I get my LICENSE?

1. Obtain a Learner's Permit (Drivers License Division) starting at age 15. Current cost is $19. Note: students may temporarily register for a class without their permit due to DLD closures, but a permit must be obtained once restrictions are lifted. The Springville DLD's number is 801-965-4437.

2. Obtain at least 20 practice hours driving with a parent/guardian.

3. Register for Drivers Education class: Pay $100 fee online at or in the school finance office (in person or by calling), then sign up using registration forms (see links below).

4. Attend 2 week class plus 1 week range/road practice with instructor (3 weeks total). Complete assignments.

5. Complete online *Safety and Trends Exam (not given in class).

6. Complete 40 hours total practice driving time with parent/guardian (10 night hours required).

7. Finalize license at Driver License Division once student is at least 16 years old.

Registering for an SHS Driver's Education Class

Step 1:

Pay $100 Fee online or in the school Finance Office. This covers the full class.


Pay $81 Fee online or in the school Finance Office. This covers the driving portion only (class was completed online).

Note: 9th graders and non-SHS students can pay online at by selecting the public item option or in person at the finance office.

Step 2:

Sign up using registration form below.

April Signup form coming soon!

Spending practice time on the road with your student will have a DEFINITE effect on his/her success in Driver Education!!

Important Things to Remember:

We have many requests for students to miss hours during Driver's Ed. classes. It is imperative that students do not miss class or scheduled driving times. If students miss, they cannot pass. They will not meet the state requirements.

Phones, hats, and electronics are not allowed in class. They will be taken and a parent will have to come to the school and pick them up.

The Driver Education course is a very demanding class. There will be many assignments and quizzes every day. You will spend several hours each day working on assignments and or driving. However, success is possible for those who seriously give an honest and dedicated effort.

Attendance Matters:

Schedule your class accordingly

  1. By STATE REQUIREMENT, the class will run for 30 hours (plus 6 hours of observation and 6 hours of driving in a Driver's Education car) and each student will be required to attend the class for all thirty hours. A student may make up two absences in the very next class. On the third absence, the student will have to repeat the course from the beginning and pay the $100.00 fee again. Two tardies count as one absence and each tardy will require one hour of classroom makeup. We will start on time each day. All makeup attendance must be completed during the first week of the next scheduled class. If you come in late it is your responsibility to make sure the roll is marked accordingly. If a student is absent, they will receive a zero for that day's work. For students who are absent, any assignments that are due must be handed in by the next class period. It is the student’s responsibility to find out what they missed and get it turned in on time. All assignments are due at the beginning of class. After that, they are considered late. Late work will be assessed at a 50% penalty and will only be accepted for one day after the due date. All assignments must be turned in by the last day of class.

Sleeping in class will not be tolerated. Those sleeping will be assessed a tardy.

Once a student begins a class, no refunds will be issued.

Road practice times and the road driving test will be scheduled on an individual basis on the third week of your assigned month. Please note that your student must be available the first three weeks of the assigned month in order to complete all three phases. During the third week, you student will only need to be available during a 2-4 hour block during scheduled driving practice times.


Reading: Each student will be issued a textbook and given a Utah Driver Handbook. Reading and studying these two books will enable the student to learn the concepts, rules, and laws more effectively.

Worksheets and Quizzes: Each student will complete a worksheet on each chapter from the textbook. There will be quizzes given almost every day that cover the previous day’s material. There will be a comprehensive test at the end of the course that covers the Utah Driver Handbook.

Journal: Each student will keep a 3 ring binder during the class. The binder will be handed in on a specified date near the end of the class. A cover sheet is required. Spiral notebooks will not be accepted. The journal will include three basic parts:

  1. ASSIGNMENTS: This includes quizzes, worksheets, unit reviews, and all other outside classroom assignments.

  2. NOTES: This section will be a complete set out classroom notes and handouts. They should be complete and written neat enough to read.

  3. ARTICLES: This section will consist of articles related to driving which can be found in newspapers, magazines, and on the internet. A total of twenty-five articles are required. Fifteen may come from the internet and the other ten must come from newspapers or magazines. Each article must be numbered and accompanied with a one paragraph summary written very neatly so the instructor may read it. A paragraph is 3-5 sentences. Do not use sheet protectors.

Outside of Class Assignments:

Each one of these assignments must be completed and handed in on time. Missing any one of these assignments will constitute and automatic "Fail" for the class.


The driver education program is a pass/fail program. A student must attain 70% of the total points possible in the class. The student must also show competence on the driving range and driving on the public roads. Six hours of observation in a driver education car is also required.

State Testing: Each student will take his/her state road test with a driving instructor. The student must not miss more than 20 on this driving exam or the student will fail.

Options for Failing: If a student fails the driving exam another test can be given at a cost of $19.00. If a student does not obey traffic laws, or causes an accident the student will fail and must retake the course. After two failures of the driving test a student must again retake the course. Students not meeting the minimum requirements will have one more chance at SHS to pass Driver Education. This requires starting from the beginning including the $100 fee. A student who does not pass the second time must take the class elsewhere such as a professional driving school.

Range and Road Driving

Driving Range: You must meet at your appointed times. Driving range hours are not flexible. Missed driving range hours must be made up at a cost of $19.00 per hour missed.

Road Driving Schedule: After the driving range is completed, a student will sign up for road driving times. Once a student has committed to a driving schedule they are required to meet at their appointed times, on time. If a student must miss, they must make arrangements with the instructor at least 12 hours before the appointment so the instructor may make other arrangements with another driver. Instructors will not drive students alone. Students will be paired with one or two other students. If a student misses an appointment without 12 hour notification the student will be assessed a fee of $19.00 for one hour missed or $38.00 dollars for the two hours of time that you wasted for the instructor and your driving partner.

Please note: range and road driving may extend beyond the instruction dates.

*Required: Online Safety and trends exam

Attention parents & students. Utah State Legislature has added a 40 question written exam each person applying for a Utah state drivers license must pass with 100% accuracy before they can receive a license. Each person can take the test as many times as needed in order to pass. You can go back and review any question missed. This new law went into effect 01/01/2016. The website needed for this state exam is listed below.

more details:

Certificates: Students will be given a certificate when they successfully complete the entire course including the driving portion. Certificates are not required at the DLD. They are only given as a courtesy. All driving and classroom records are now tracked online through the DLD.

Driver License Information

Age: A student may start a Driver Education class at SHS no sooner than fifteen years of age and must have a valid state learner permit. A student may not receive a Utah Driver License until they are at least sixteen years of age.

State Requirements: A student must go to the Driver License Division (DLD) and successfully pass a written, eye test, and mental fitness test. A learner permit is valid for one year from date of issue and requires a nonrefundable fee of $19.00. A student must possess a learner permit for at least 6 months and pass a driver education course before they can apply for a driver license.

Learner Permit: Once a learner permit is obtained, a student may immediately begin to drive. The student may only operate a class D motor vehicle, and must have an approved driving instructor occupying the seat beside the student, or the student’s parent or legal guardian, who is at least 21 years of age and a licensed driver, sitting next to the student.

Utah Drivers License Division: Learner Permit

Nightime Driving

A person, with a permit or driver’s license, younger than 17 years of age, whether a resident or nonresident of Utah, may not operate a motor vehicle upon any public roadway in Utah between the hours of 12:00 am and 5:00 am. A driver younger than 17 may drive between these hours under the following exception:

  1. The driver is accompanied by a licensed driver at least 21 years of age who is occupying the seat next to the driver.

  2. The driver id driving in connection with the driver’s employment, including the trip to and from the driver’s residence and employment.

  3. The driver drives directly to the driver’s residence from a school-sponsored activity if transportation to the activity is provided by the school and the provided transportation commenced from and returns to the school property where the driver is enrolled.

  4. The driver is on assignment for a farmer or rancher and the driver is engaged in an agricultural operation.

  5. The driver is driving in an emergency.

Other Driving Restrictions:

A person may not operate a motor vehicle upon any public roadway with any passenger who is not an immediate family member of the driver until:

  1. Six months from the date the person’s driver license was issued: or

  2. The person reaches 18 years of age.


  1. If accompanied by a licensed driver at least 21 years of age.

  2. The driver is on assignment for a farmer or rancher and the driver is engaged in an agricultural operation.

  3. In an emergency.

All individuals under the age of 18 years of age applying for the first time must complete 40 hours of driving a motor vehicle, of which at least 10 hours must be night-time hours. The hours of driving in an approved driver education course may be counted as part of this requirement. A parent or guardian must certify to the completion of this requirement when applying for a license.

Obtaining a driver license involves eight simple steps:

  1. Completion of an approved driver education course.

  2. Assumption of financial responsibility by a parent or legal guardian.

  3. Furnish positive identification. SS number- birth certificate

  4. Furnish evidence of residence address.

  5. Payment of applicable fees. Learner permit fee $19.00 and $30.00 original license fee.

  6. Completion of medical questionnaire and vision test.

  7. Completion of required skills or driving tests.

  8. A photo taken at the DLD (Driver License Division).

If you have further questions, please contact Justin Snell by phone at the high school or email at