Concurrent Enrollment

Welcome to the MMHS Concurrent Enrollment Page!

What is Concurrent Enrollment?

Concurrent Enrollment (CE) is a program where students can earn college credit for courses that they are taking in high school! College classes are taught at the high school by university-approved high school instructors. This program is available for ALL of our MMHS students and provides affordable access to higher education. Concurrent enrollment courses transfer credits to ALL state colleges, regardless of where the credit originated. For private institutions, it is best to contact that institution directly to see how their admissions office accepts concurrent enrollment credit.

General Requirements for UVU Concurrent Enrollment:

3.0 GPA for academic courses

2.0 GPA for CTE courses

MMHS CE classes with prerequisites:

English 1010 (seniors only)

      • Final GPA of 3.0 in 10th/11th grade English classes
      • Have an ACT score of 19+ in English AND 19+ in Reading
        • OR have an ACT score of 20+ in English and 18+ in Reading
        • OR have an ACT score of 18+ in English and 20+ in Reading
        • OR substitute ACT score with qualifying score from Accuplacer test

Math 1010/1030

      • Complete Secondary Math 1, 2, and 3 with a C average each year
        • Students who did NOT earn a C average may be allowed to enroll based on a qualifying Accuplacer placement test score >=60 or ACT math score of 19+ for Math1010 and 23+ for Math 1030

Math 1050

      • Complete Secondary Math 1, 2, and 3 with a C average each year
        • AND have a math ACT score of 23+ OR a grade of C or better from a Math1010 course

Computer Science 1400 (Computer Programming 1B)

      • Completion of math placement test score from Accuplacer or ACT

The Accuplacer test is available every day after school for the first two weeks of each semester in the upstairs writing lab. The Accuplacer test is also available on UVU's campus. The cost for the test is $10 for the sophomores placement test and $5 for all other tests. Students can retake the test up to 3 times but must allow 24 hours between retakes.


Spring 2019:


Last day to complete UVU Admission


Last day to submit prerequisite test scores for math/English

Last day to submit "Sophomore by Exception Application" to the MMHS Concurrent Enrollment Office (Mrs. Dunn C100)


Last day to complete course-sign up for Juniors & Seniors

Tuition due

February 28 --

Last day to drop without a 'W'

March 20 --

Last day to withdraw with a 'W'

UVU does NOT extend deadlines.