Counselor's Corner


Hello! I am so excited to join the Eagle Family this year as the Elementary Counselor at Robert F. Hunt Elementary! My name is Mrs. Venable. I have been in Education for 9 years, first as a Theatre/Debate teacher, and now, as a school counselor.

This year is going to be full of new experiences for students, parents, and staff. I know if we work together, we can make this year fun and fulfilling. This space can be utilized by parents and students whether students are in the traditional classroom setting or utilizing remote learning.

First 6 Weeks Character Focus


During guidance lessons this six weeks, students have been learning about academic behaviors and goal setting.

It can be intimidating or frightening to try something new, but making a plan can often help. If these feelings are overwhelming it is good to recognize what you are feeling and realize it is normal. This is when an approach called TFT (Terrible First Times) come in to play. We can realize the anxiety we feel by acknowledging:

  • This is a TFT.

  • First times are hard.

  • I am capable of doing hard things!

During these uncertain times, please remember to extend kindness to our students, but also to yourself. We've got this!