Cognition Connection

TutorND connects tutors with the cognitive science of learning. We have three inter-connected aims: (a) expand access to evidence-based literacy and math programs for children in grades PK-8, (b) build a reciprocal interface between research and practice in the learning and cognitive sciences, and (c) provide high-quality learning and practicum experiences for undergraduates, pre-service teaching fellows, graduate students, and postdoctoral associates through education, training, practice opportunities, instructional coaching, and learning design teams. Beneficiaries of our high-impact tutoring resources include children of ND employees, children in local South Bend public schools, preschoolers in Elkhart and St. Joseph Counties Head Start Consortium, children in Boys and Girls Club of St. Joseph County, and children in schools in Indiana and across the country that work with ACE Teaching Fellows. Our tutors receive high-quality training and support as part of collaborative learning design teams made up of leading academic scholars in the learning and cognitive sciences, teacher educators, instructional coaches, tutors, paraprofessionals, and other educators. They build caring relationships with their students and provide the attention, interaction, and dialogue that children need for optimal learning. Our full support tutoring resources are based on the evidence-based programs and recommendations found in the IES What Works Clearinghouse and tutors learn to individually tailor them to children's interests and learning goals. Tutors work with students on a diverse range of learning goals-- from developing and practicing specific foundational skills to enrichment and acceleration. Our tutors work through in-person and virtual programs. While we strive to serve as many students as possible, we do have a waiting list due to high demand. We appreciate your patience as we continue to work to get this wonderful program to a place where it can be sustainable. Rest assured, we are dedicated to improving our structures and systems to facilitate potential expansion and better serve our community. To learn more, please check out our FAQs section