• All players on the Team Roster must have played in at least one match in either the Fall or Spring divisional tournaments for their respective Coed or Women's team.
    • The Spring Eligibility form (that was submitted for the Spring divisional tournament) will suffice - there is no need to submit any more eligibility forms for the Regional tournament.


    • Roster should be submitted online prior to the tournament. Please refer to the Roster page for more details


    • Teams and Singles players must wear matching shirts for the duration of the competition. Matching shorts are strongly encouraged. Team shirts may NOT be white as the tournament balls are white.TEAMS and SINGLES PLAYERS WITHOUT UNIFORMS WILL BE DEFAULTED, NO EXCEPTIONS!! Uniforms are defined as matching shirts, color, etc. Concerns over compliance of an opposing player must be raised to a tournament official before the start of the match.

Full Rules: 2017-18 NCTTA Rules and Regulations