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The URP (Undergraduate Research Program) is a nine-month-long undergraduate research program organized by the NCTS during each academic year. Students  work in small groups (based on the principle of 2~3 people) under the guidance of faculty members. The goal of this program is to convey to student participants an idea of what research mathematics is like. The URP provides an invaluable opportunity for students to gain first-hand research experience in mathematics.

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The NCTS provides half to one year research assistant (RA) position for students who have received a bachelor or a master degree and who are interested in pursuing mathematics research. An RA not only participates in academic activities of at least one of the NCTS Topical Programs but he or she is also required to carry out an independent study under a guidance of a professional mathematical scientist affiliated with the NCTS. Our hope is that research assistants will be able to enroll in a Ph.D. program in a world leading research university and their stay at the NCTS helps to prepare them for this task. 

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