Remote Pilot Certification Preparation & Basic Piloting Skills

Image above: Lime Lake, Michigan.

George Hess, FAA & NCDOT Certified Remote Pilot

In Progress - Spring 2024 - NR 595 - 3 Credits

Class meets Thursdays 15:00-17:45 in 3214 Jordan Addition.

Coming Soon - MayMester 2024 - No Charge, No Course Credit

I will offer this course during NCSU's MayMester,  every weekday W 05.15 - W 06.05.  We'll meet most mornings by Zoom (9-11A) and have 5 sessions from 9A-noon for flight lessons.  Here's the schedule matrix.  This is a not-for-credit course offered at no charge to NCSU students, faculty, and staff.  I can accept 12 participants.  Please eMail me with a brief description of your interest in remote aircaft and how you expect to use them.  

Please don't ask for a spot unless you can commit to attending the full course.

In the meantime, feel free to use the material on this site to teach yourself!

House in snow from directly above.  There is a triangle around the house comprising two streams and a road.  The trees are bare and look like matchsticks.

Remote Pilot Certification Preparation.  Prepare for the Federal Aviation Administration Part 107  & NC Department of Transportation Commercial & Government exams.   (Course does not include the exams themselves and I cannot grant or guarantee certification.  The FAA exam costs approximately $175; no cost for the NCDOT exam.)

Picture of me holding a table and controller with an image of me from a drone that is flying just above the tablet. A bit meta.

Basic Remote Piloting Skills.  Learn the basics of remote piloting, with a focus on rudimentary piloting, safety, checklists, and crew resource management.  

Get your hands on a drone (which we'll supply) and fly!

Spring 2024 Schedule

Course Schedule - Certification & Skills - Spring 2024

Spring 2024 Syllabus

Syllabus - Certification & Skills - Spring 2024