Perver Korça Baran, PhD

Teaching Associate Professor & Faculty Fellow

Center for Geospatial Analytics, College of Natural Resources

College of Design, Ph.D. in Design Program Affiliated Faculty

North Carolina State University

Perver is a faculty member in the Center for Geospatial Analytics and Department of Parks Recreation and Tourism Management in the College of Natural Resources and an affiliated faculty with the College of Design’s Ph.D. Program. She teaches graduate level courses in the areas of spatial problem solving and cartography. She has also taught doctoral level courses in the areas of research methods and research paradigms. Perver holds a Ph.D. and Masters in Urban Planning and a Bachelor of Architecture degrees.

Perver’s research has centered on urban design and planning, tourism planning, and geospatial analysis. In the area of urban design and planning, her research has focused on issues such as sustainable development, urban open space use, and spatial distribution models of residential densities and land values. In the area of tourism planning, Perver has conducted research in understanding perceptions of environmental, socio-cultural, and economic impacts of tourism, eco-tourism development, and predicting environmental impacts of tourism. In the area of geospatial analysis, she worked on visualization tools to assist communities in North Carolina with planning and managing their development and interactive on-line mapping applications.

Her current research interests include understanding how natural and built environments contribute to active living, health, quality of life, and sustainability. In particular, her most recent research has utilized GIS, space syntax, and immersive virtual environments (IVE) to understand how urban, neighborhood, and open space environments support neighborhood resilience, physical activity, park use, safety, and mental restoration.

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