Digital Learning Competencies

NC State University, College of Education

Teacher Candidates Earning Badges and a Microcredential in Digital Learning

The state of North Carolina has developed a series of Digital Learning Competencies for teachers and administrators. Although these competencies are designed for practicing teachers, the College of Education at NC State University wants our students prepared on day one for various challenges and requirements. Through core classes, field experiences and other learning opportunities we have developed a set of procedures for our students to earn a novice badge demonstrating their understanding and ability to implement teacher candidate versions of the Digital Learning Competencies.

Select the competency below to view the procedures for earning each competency badge at the novice level. When four badges have been earned, students will earn their novice micro-credential in the NC Digital Learning Competencies.

REQUIRED FOR LICENSURE: The Digital Learning Competencies are now part of Admission to Candidacy (ATC) at NC State University - beginning with the graduating class of Spring 2022. All students who earn ATC December 2019 or later must have demonstrated competency in the Digital Citizenship and Digital Content DLCs. The Data and Assessment DLC must be demonstrated before admission to the professional semester and the Leadership in Digital Learning must be completed before earning a license.

Digital Learning Competency Badges

Leadership in Digital Learning Micro-Credential

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If you are at another higher education institution and are interested in using the content from these micro-credentials, please adapt them to your needs and give credit to NC State University, College of Education. Contact Kerri Brown Parker, for further information.