Professional Strategies Working Group

While graduate students receive high quality research mentoring, professional norms are not generally taught. The Professional Strategies Working Group (PSWG) in the Department of Statistics at NCSU was established to provide students, particularly women and under-represented minorities, with mentoring for career success.

Women and URM may face different obstacles than students in the majority. The PSWG studies decision making and professional behavior, particularly for professional conferences. We also read books on professional development and leadership.

Below please find a dynamic list of readings and ideas for readings for the PSWG.

Professional Strategies Reading Group Readings

At the 2018 Women in Statistics and Data Science Conference, I presented work that Herle McGowan, Alyson Wilson, and I have done with this group.

WSDS 2018 PSWG Talk EHG.pdf

Several of our graduate students attended Women in Statistics and Data Science in 2017 after working through a pre-conference mentoring program. They participated in the WSDS Hackathon as a team.

Another group of students attended in 2018 after working through our pre-conference mentoring.