Delta Phi Alpha @ NCSU

German Honorary Society


We are the NC State chapter of Delta Phi Alpha, the National German Honorary Society. The student society is open to everyone who is interested in the German language and culture, has studied the German language for at least two years, and maintains a B- overall GPA and a B+ GPA for German classes.


We initiate new members once a year, usually in the second week after spring break. Faculty Adviser Dr. Lutz Kube presents new member Sam Malik with his certificate.

Our Activities

Our chapter is very active. We run a biweekly Kaffeeklatsch for anybody interested in German conversation, screen German movies weekly, offer tutoring for students of German, participate in campus events such as Campus Connection, and organize social events such as Schnitzelfest, Christmas party, and a picnic.

Our Team

President: Lara Martens (

Vice President: Sam Malik (

Treasurer: Idris Wibowo (

Webmaster: Avanti Panajkar (

Secretary: Zane Shockley (

Faculty Adviser: Dr. Lutz Kube (


Welcome to our new DPA members: Lara Wingard, Idris Wibowo, Sam Malik, Anvita Panajkar, and Avanti Panajkar!

At Campus Connection

DPA members Amy Halbing and David Walser at our table.

End of Semester Picnic

Zane Shockley is the Grillmeister

Interested? Here's how to join!

Come to Kaffeeklatsch – German Social Hour- Open for everyone

Coffee, cookies and German conversation on Friday afternoon from 3:00-4:00 in Withers 331.

Movie Night! - Open for everyone

Popcorn, drinks, and German movies on Monday evenings from 5:30 - 7:30 in Withers 120.

Next steps...

  • Make sure you've taken at least 2 years of German courses (or equivalent) with a grade point average of B+ and at least a B- average overall

  • Contact faculty adviser Dr. Lutz Kube (

  • Submit official application and application fee of $35.

  • New members are expected to actively participate in tutoring services, outreach, and events.