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Darby Orcutt's Faculty Affiliations:

Assistant Head, Collections & Research Strategy, NC State University Libraries

Faculty, University Honors Program, University College, NC State University

Faculty, Science, Technology & Society Program, College of Humanities & Social Sciences, NC State University

Organizing Faculty, AI (Artificial Intelligence) in Society Group, NC State University  

Affiliate Faculty, Genetic Engineering & Society Center, NC State University

Affiliate Faculty, Leadership in Public Science Cluster, NC State University

Adjunct Assistant Professor of the Practice, School of Information & Library Science, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

A first generation college graduate on faculty at North Carolina State University, Darby Orcutt never stopped being curious about the world. A librarian, instructor, and researcher, his expertise at the intersection of science and culture is both intellectual and applied, as he teaches and writes about science and society while also building collaborative scientific teams to tackle complex problems and fostering conversation between researchers and the broader public. 

Darby is best known for his work at the intersection of Science and the Strange.