ASCE Student Regional

Innovation Contest

Congratulations to our Student Innovators who received rave reviews after presenting at our Shark Tank Finals for the 2019 ASCE Student Innovation Contest.

Our industry expert sharks said...

"Amazingly well prepared presentations"

"These innovations were very smart and addressed significant issues. Very well done!"

Seems like an incredible solution to a global problem.. I'm impressed with the affordability of this solution! "

"The student innovations were every bit as clever as the innovations from the global contest"

The students had an amazing grasp of entrepreneurship, their learning curve is to be commended.

Our Students were very kind in their feedback....

"I wish someone had taught me about entrepreneurship a long time ago"

"Thank you for everything, we honestly couldn't have done it without the great coaching and we really appreciate the countless hours spent helping us. "

"Overall it was a great experience. This competition gave me a fresh perspective on how I can shape my career as a future civil engineer. It is crucial for civil engineers to master following codes and procedures, but it is equally important for engineers to think creatively, see potential, and explore new possibilities. Thanks to this competition, I am more confident in my abilities as an aspiring civil engineer, and I look forward to using these new innovative and entrepreneurial skills I have developed. "