Animal Health & Nutrition Consortium


To promote innovation and advances in production and companion animal health and welfare, with a special focus on gut health, nutrition, using precision technologies and Artificial Intelligence (AI) big data analytics.

Strong Partnerships — Strong Futures

The Animal Health & Nutrition Consortium (AHNC) is a public/private partnership covering the combined areas of food animal technologies (digital technologies as in sensors, monitors, AI decision support systems), health (control of infectious diseases, vaccination, diagnostics) and nutrition (feed-induced animal health, microbiome modulators).

We are a foundational constituent of the NC State Animal Academy and the CALS Food Animal Initiative. We invite you to join us as an industry member of NC State’s Animal Health & Nutrition Consortium.

The Animal Health and Nutrition Consortium (AHNC) changed its name in 2020. It was previously the Animal Food and Nutrition Consortium (AFNC). The change reflects our broadened scope, to include animal health and precision technologies.


Get to know Sean Chen. The newest addition to the PDPS and CALS faculty, he's a vet with deep research expertise, a range of hobbies and a desire to collaborate while taking on the Research Project Coordinator with the AHNC.

PDPS recently welcomed Vivien Lettry as the Research Project Coordinator/Manager for the AFNC. She'll coordinate research projects and help guide the AFNC into its next phase.

The AFNC has announced its 2019 grant awards - Matt Koci and Sung Woo Kim will both study animal gut health.

Marissa Herchler and Dannica Wall in a lab

Poultry Science's Marissa Herchler explains how she uses deep-learning algorithms to study turkey diets – and might just help your stomach ache.

Adam Redhead sitting on outside steps

Adam Redhead joined PDPS as the AFNC's Research Project Coordinator. His focus: "Building strong partnerships for a healthier future."

Robert Beckstead and Marissa Herchler standing together

The AFNC is pleased to announce its first round of research grant awards.


Poultry and Swine Strength

NC State is the only US university with strengths in poultry, swine and companion animals.

Substantive Results

Public/private partnerships will give us access to grant opportunities otherwise out of reach.

Research Triangle Location

The Research Triangle boasts three R-1 universities and many corporations and start-ups.

Exchange of Ideas

We remove barriers to multi-institutional alliances.

Top Graduates

A pipeline of future talent eager to participate in research and other opportunities.

First Access

Access to emerging technology as it is developed from the university.