NCSSM STEM Immersion Camp (NSIC) 

Math, Coding, Grow!  

Are you in grades 4-12? Are you passionate about STEM and wish to learn more? NSIC students will learn introductory graph theory,  combinatorics, game theory and the basics of computer science. NSIC students will have the opportunity to explore each topics according to their interests.  

What is NSIC?

NSIC is a completely free weeklong program aiming to introduce computer science and advanced mathematics to female and minority students who are passionate about STEM. We are completely run and taught by NCSSM (North Carolina School of Science and Math) students and sponsored by faculty members. 

We offer two sessions: 

Students are welcome to choose one or both sessions. Students with full participation in the program will recieve certificate of completion at the end of each session. Although female and minority students are strongly encouraged to attend the program, everyone can apply! No prior experience needed! 

NCSSM STEM Immersion Camp is aimed for middle school and high school students, however, elementary school students are also welcomed to apply. Applicants are accepted on a rolling basis, we encourgae you to apply ASAP. Please check your email and expect to hear back from us within a couple of weeks. To apply, please fill out the short google form linked below. 

Daily Schedule

Monday, July 3 - Friday, July 7

Morning Session (10am - 12pm)

Break: 12:00pm-1:00pm

Afternoon Session (1pm - 3pm)

Daily syllabus

Day 1

Morning: Introduction to Graph Theory

Synchronous Activity: 

Asynchronous Activity

v-the number of total vertices

e-the number of edges

m-the number of moves

u-the number of unlived lives

Day 2

Morning: Introduction to Formal Proof & Types of Graphs

Synchronous Activity: 

Asynchronous Activity: 

Day 3

Morning: Introduction to Graph Coloring 

Synchronous Activity: 

Proper coloring


Chromatic number (G): smallest k for which k coloring exists

Null graph

Star graph

Cycle graph

Asynchronous Activity:

Day 4

Morning: Introduction to Game Theory

Synchronous Activity: 

Asynchronous Activity:

Day 5

Morning: Game Theory Examples

Synchronous Activity: 

No Asynchronous Activity—

Afternoon:  Introduction to Computational thinking with Scratch 

Synchronous Activities: 

Asynchronous Activities: 

Afternoon: Introduction to Machine Learning with Scratch 

Synchronous Activities: 

Asynchronous Activities:

Afternoon: Introduction to Web Design and Web Development 

Synchronous Activities: 

Asynchronous Activities: 

Afternoon: Intro to CSS and JavaScript 

Synchronous Activities: 

Asynchronous Activities:

Afternoon: JavaScript and Web Development

No Asynchronous Activity—

We Are Fully Virtual 

Students will attend daily sessions through Zoom with the Zoom links send out prior to the program start date. If you need any assistance with access to the internet, please reach out to us!

We will mainly focus on students within North Carolina, but out-of-state students are welcome to apply!