Student / Parent Remote Learning Support


The purpose of this site is to provide technical support to our students and parents as you are working from home. Here you will find:

  • How to connect to home wifi (iPad or Chromebook)

  • How to request technical assistance if something goes wrong

  • Walkthrough and how-to documents for core tools used in MCS

Please click the button to the left to view recordings of each webinar..

ALSO NEW: A new tech troubleshooting site specifically for K-5! Click here to access

Requesting Technical Support

If you are a Connect! Academy student and are experiencing technical issues with your device at home and have not been able to find answers within this site (or from your teacher), please use the following form:

Digital Tools: How-Tos and Support Documents

Below are the "core" set of tools our teachers utilize within virtual learning. Each tool contains walkthrough information to help parents/students navigate at home!

Google Meet
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Google Slides
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Google Docs
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