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At Southern Middle School

Students are encouraged to obtain their own instruments.

We will host special times where parents can rent an instrument from a reliable music store.

These dates will be announced as they are confirmed

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Southern Middle School gives every student the opportunity to join our Preforming Arts Classes

Band, Chorus, Orchestra, Piano - Everyone is welcome to join!

As a student of music, you meet during the school day and will have various performance opportunities, such as concerts, music festivals, and community events.


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6th grade students are able to chose from the following instruments - cello, violin, viola, or bass. This choice will be made during the first week of class.  Students are encouraged to rent their own instruments, however, there are a small number of instruments available for students in need.

Students will develop the skills necessary to participate in two concerts during the year and prepare them for more challenging music in seventh grade.

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Band is a progressive program that builds from year to year.  As a 6th grade student, you will start on one of the following instruments - Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, or Trombone.  In the spring semester, students may have the opportunity to switch to another instrument such as the Alto Saxophone, French Horn, Euphonium, Tuba, or Percussion.  Renting a personal instrument is encouraged, more information will be made available about instrument rentals in the future.  There are a few school instruments as well available on an as-needed basis.

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Choir helps students feel a part of the school and the community. Singing reduces stress, boost confidence, and help with communication skills. Choir students sing at a variety of community events. Students may take choir for 1 semester or all year.


This course is designed to help students develop basic piano playing skills, or expand on their existing skills. Time in class will be spent both on and off the keyboards. While playing, students will work individually and in a class setting. There will be time spent on musical notation, theory, and composition.  Piano is a semester long course.