• Vocal Music at CHS


  • 503.353.5810, push "1", then say "Scott Davis" (x38125)

Room Number/Location

  • Room 601, left of the Auditorium

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Professional Bio

  • If you really want to see it, click HERE
  • Scott W. Davis Music Scholarship at Whitworth University

Real Student Quote

"I may not be the best at singing, but singing brings out the best in me."

Victoria H., sophomore

NEXT PERFORMANCES (Check the Choir Google Calendar for all home and community performance dates)

  • Home Fall Choir Concert: October 15, 2019 Tuesday
  • Home Junior Varsity Holiday Concert: 7pm, December 17, 2019 Tuesday - full house expected; come early
  • Home Varsity Holiday Gala Concert: 7pm, December 19, 2019 Thursday - full house expected; come early
  • If you would like to join a choir come see Mr. Davis for a quick and easy meet n' greet. He wants to meet you! NO preparation required. You'll find him in room 601, West Campus.

A-Choir officers for the 2018-19 school year are being selected. Check back soon.

  • Soprano section leader: Vanisa Khamkhosy
  • Mezzo: Alexis Hazim
  • Alto: Evelina Khoreshko
  • Tenor: Josiah Lewis, Keaton Fields
  • Baritone: Ryan Hamilton-Sutherland, Terence Schlaefli
  • Bass: Johnny Derby, Joshua Moore
  • Chairperson: Emmaline Worthington
  • Public Relations Officer: Shelby Rich
  • Robe Czars: Cody Nguyen, Nathan Nguyen

Welcome to the Vocal Music Page!

Teaching anything about singing (solo or ensemble) and guitar is my responsibility at Clackamas. Teaching music at CHS is a blessing to me. As you browse these music pages you'll find useful information about music at CHS. If you are a student, you'll need this information to perform well in choir or guitar classes. If you are a parent or guardian, these pages inform you of how this department operates smoothly and what is expected of your child.

We've tried to make these pages fun. You'll find pictures and audio files of CHS choirs as well as interesting links. Some links are useful for musicians and others are related to Mr. Davis' interests and hobbies.

A-Choir, October 2018


October 2018

Cavalaires Summer 2018-19

Lady Cavettes

October 2018

with staff accompanistMrs. Kristy Moore

Men's Ensemble

October 2018

with staff accompanistMrs. Kristy Moore

Vocal Solo Contest Placers 2018-19:

1st place Soprano

2nd place Soprano

  • Emmaline Worthington (state)

3rd place Soprano

1st place Mezzo

  • Lindsey Donahue (state)

2nd place Mezzo

  • Evelina Khoreshko (state)

3rd place Mezzo

  • Alexis Hazim (state)

1st place Alto

  • Dasha Kolpakov (state)

1st place Tenor

  • Alden Courville (state)

2nd place Tenor

  • Arthur Khamkhosy

3rd place Baritone

  • Marcus Luka

1st place Bass

  • Dominic Scafidi

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